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NodeJs for beginners: 02 – How to install node js ?

November 26, 2021
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In the last post I talked about Node.js. In this post I will guide you on how to install node js in your computer.

Simply watch this youtube video to know all about how one can install Node.js.
video link : Download & install Node.js

Steps to install Node.js in windows:

  • Go to their official website :
  • Download the LTS version of node js
  • After downloading, open the downloaded file and follow the installation wizard.
  • Once the installation is completed then open you CMD.
  • Inside CMD, type command node -v
  • If you get the version of node js then node js is properly installed in your system.
  • Now again in the CMD type npm -v to check if npm in also installed with node js or not.
  • If you get the version of npm then it is installed in you system.

Note: npm is node package manager which comes with node js.