Mobile App Development

About Our Services

We engineer the perfect mobile app from the ground up or carefully remodel your existing app with specific features, integrations, and modifications.

Our Approach

We provide end-to-end application design, integration, and administration solutions. Whether it’s a consumer-facing app or a game-changing enterprise-class solution, the company oversees the whole mobile app development process, from design to delivery and continuous maintenance.

  • Development of custom iOS and Android apps
  • Cross-platform and native solutions
  • App development for a second platform
  • UI/UX (user interface/user experience) design
  • Prototyping and consulting
  • Automated quality assurance and testing
  • Geofencing, power management, and notification
  • Customizations for embedded Android and AOSP
  • After-warranty service and maintenance

Our Services

App Development for Android

Android apps are a great alternative for your business solutions because of their market appeal and global accessibility. Our Android apps are known for their beautiful user interfaces (UI/UX), fast loading times, and reliable performance.

App Development for iPhone

In the mobile app development market, iOS apps are known for setting new standards. iOS apps are all about a fresh idea with a simple interface, and our capable iPhone app development team is the best solution for you.
Learn more about our IOS App Development Services.

Native React Apps

React Native apps are one-of-a-kind, feature a simple user experience, and are cost-effective for your company’s needs. Our React Native app development team will help you change the face of your business with their extensive experience in producing first-class native apps.
Learn more about our React App Development Services.

Mobile Apps that Run on Multiple Platforms

You can reach a bigger audience with mobile apps that run across various platforms. Using the greatest cross-platform development technologies, such as Ionic. Clarity, features, and responsive interfaces are all factors in our cross-platform development approach.
Learn more about our Flutter App Development Services.

Our Industry Expertise

Healthcare App Development Services

Our experience in delivering a healthcare app solution to a variety of industries, as well as the expertise of our development team, have helped us maintain our prominent position in the market.

Business Apps

AR/VR Apps

Symentix offers a team of top-notch, experienced specialists who are dedicated to delivering highly configurable Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications.

ECommerce Apps


You will be assigned a project manager. They will communicate with you during the project and keep you informed of its progress. You can express your requirements or adjustments with the project manager assigned to you, and he will transmit them to the developers.
You can also join our Slack channel to discuss requirements.

The cost of developing a mobile app is determined by a number of factors, including the development platform, app categories, app complexity, developer country, and the number of features you require in your app.

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This is to acknowledge the commendable work done by Symentix Technologies Private Limited, in delivering the Airful Dashboard app, within a short span of time and being super productive on the Engineering front, while writing pretty good code.

Avishek Kedia, Airful Consulting

This is to acknowledge the excellent work done by Symentix Technologies in delivering various modules and features for our mobile app, within a short period of time, with desired quality.

Rushil Palavajjhala, Bandhu Tech Inc.