Cloud Applications & Integrations

The Cloud Journey, Making Every Step Count

Companies must concentrate their expenditures and develop a cloud-ready operational strategy in order to reap the full benefits of cloud computing, bring new capabilities to market faster, develop more easily, and scale more effectively—all while lowering their IT risk.

Companies that get the most out of cloud platforms do three things to make it a business-technology transformation:

  • Investing in business domains where cloud may help generate more income and improve profitability
  • Choosing a technology and sourcing model that is in line with the company’s strategy and risk tolerance
  • Creating and deploying a cloud-centric operating paradigm

As a cloud evangelist, Symentix understands that adding cloud to an already crowded mix is ineffective in achieving the desired competitive edge. Every strategic decision should be made with the cloud in mind.
From compliance to adoption hurdles, our cloud strategy & preparedness services uncover all of the challenges you’ll face on your journey.
We are passionate about unsettling stiff legacy systems and helping your organization understand its cloud readiness as part of our mission to uncover revenue-enhancing opportunities through our cloud integration service.

Consulting on the Cloud

In order to make educated cloud decisions, you must ask the proper questions at Symentix and receive honest answers.

  •  Complete and totally achieve your company objectives.
  •  At the same time, increase innovation while reducing unnecessary costs.
  •  Put your company on the road to cloud adoption success while reducing risks and increasing productivity.
  • Ensure mission-critical application compliance.
  • Make it easier for employees to collaborate


Our Offerings

Application Optimization

We optimize a cloud application to optimally use system resources. This can sometimes save up to 50% annual cloud service bill.

Enterprise App Integration

At Symentix, we help you configure cloud application integration with other third-party enterprise applications. This can be reporting, analytics or as simple as mail service integration.

SaaS, PaaS & IaaS Development

Developing a SaaS, PaaS & IaaS application needs a lot of planning and development effort. Without experienced team, this whole process can lead to a product that no one is using. With our expert cloud solution development team, we can handle that work more efficiently.

Secured Cloud Environment

Sometimes a simple security mistake can leak your customer data. This can cause loss of private data and results in less customer trust. We at Symetix, do cloud application audit, prepare a vulnerability report and fix all those possible security issues.

Cloud Architecting

We design and build your application architecture on cloud to let your application be up and scale whenever needed.This seamless architecture development let’s you focus on running your business rather without distracting about server glitches.


Symentix CSP is Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program that allows us to directly manage their customers’ complete lifecycles. We instantly provision and manage your clients’ subscriptions and billing with hosting Cloud. Know more about Cloud Solution provide program here

You can contact our sales and we can discuss your enterprise needs. We can then suggest the implementation model.

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