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B2B Marketing Tools That Very Business Needs: 2022

Dashrath Singh
December 21, 2021
4 Minutes Read



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IN A nutshell


We’ve compiled a thorough list of digital marketing tools that can assist you with your objectives, including a few free and freemium options for those on a low budget.

IN A nutshell

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is currently the most popular free analytics software on the market, and it’s a marketer’s dream.

Effective marketing can mean the difference between life and death for your firm in today’s increasingly competitive business world. Marketing tools are essential for a successful business-to-business relationship.

Digital marketing tools

We’ve compiled a thorough list of digital marketing tools that can assist you with your objectives, including a few free and freemium options for those on a low budget.

This list can serve as the cornerstone of a robust marketing stack, whether for managing customer connections, winning over prospects, or identifying new marketing opportunities.


Marketo is the second B2B marketing tool, and it is quite popular among B2B marketers. It is a feature-rich and highly efficient solution that allows you to execute, measure effectively, and plan digital marketing efforts. Marketo allows you to do various internet tasks such as mobile marketing, lead creation, email marketing, and more.

Furthermore, it helps with account-based marketing. This tool will meet all of your needs, regardless of the size or scope of your company.


We recommend using the Ahrefs tool to bring the power of SEO to your business marketing effort. This is a fantastic tool for conducting keyword research, identifying backlink opportunities, and monitoring campaign rank across multiple search engines. The finest element is that it allows you to run a quick competitor analysis.

You may use Ahrefs to acquire actionable insights into your competition and devise tactics to outperform or beat them in search rankings. This software also assists you in locating content that ranks well in your niche. The web monitoring tool makes it simple to keep track of internet mentions.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is currently the most popular free analytics software on the market, and it’s a marketer’s dream. You can use this tool to locate your website’s weak points, pinpoint your successful blogs, assess your calls to action, and establish which acquisition path is the most successful using Google Analytics. It’s difficult, but steering your internet presence in the right way is critical. Every day, you (or someone on your team) should check it.


The company concentrated on the automation, email, and social media elements of this solution. They also added a sales CRM component to make it a one-stop shop by making it easy to keep track of all information, deals, revenue, and so on.

Marketers can use HubSpot to create customized lists and automate tasks like email campaigns and lead scoring. The mobile edition of HubSpot gives marketers on the go fast access to KPIs at a glance. Access critical marketing analytics with a single tap on a smartphone.

They provide a free plan for small businesses that are well worth utilizing in your marketing. However, if you’re a larger company, they also have the functionality you’ll need to take your marketing to the next level and stay organized.


Litmus offers many helpful web tools to help you with your email development. Create emails with a web-based editor, analyze email analytics to influence strategy, and resolve issues that may result in your marketing emails being ignored.

Marketers may use the checklist tool to scan emails for issues like broken links, missing text, and slow-loading graphics. This tool works with a variety of email service providers and marketing automation platforms.

Hemingway App

Ernest Hemingway is known for his concise writing style; the Hemingway App makes authors’ copy easier. To begin, paste the text into the free tool to determine your readability score. The software offers ideas for shortening difficult-to-read phrases, eliminating passive voice, and reducing adverbs and tricky words.

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is a live chat platform that allows your company to connect with website visitors in real-time while collecting valuable information to help your support and sales teams close deals. It only takes a few minutes for users to join up, install, and modify according to their needs.

Furthermore, you can change the style and feel of the chat widget to match the theme of the page on which it will show. It also allows you to construct your support and sales bundle by enabling you to interface it with numerous platforms at once, such as a knowledge base, survey tool, help desk, CRM, email marketing, social networking platforms, and more.


Zoom is a B2B marketing solution that makes it simple to plan webinars. It is a must-have for any B2B marketer. Your virtual events can have up to 100 interactive video participants and an unlimited audience.

They also have a special bundle for viewers who want to watch. Zoom supports dual-screen viewing, allowing spectators to manage both the panelist and the presentation simultaneously.


With Clearbit, your anonymous online traffic is no longer anonymous. They can be used to develop detailed consumer profiles. This B2B marketing solution enables finding prospects and obtaining valuable information about them straightforward, resulting in higher conversions.

If you want to undertake data-driven marketing, Clearbit is one of the best software alternatives to consider. It identifies your web traffic using IP addresses, allowing you to adapt your content to your target audience.


This is one of the most popular social media management tools, earning the Editor’s Choice award from PC Magazine. Because of its features and functionality, it is also regarded as the greatest social media management tool. The offspring will assist you in tracking social media efforts, analyzing traffic and recommendations, determining user engagement, and generating leads.

Listening capabilities for measuring awareness, relevant keywords, audience identification, and counting are among the other characteristics. It also allows marketers to track the success of their social media marketing campaigns. If you run many social media efforts, you should know which ones are successful and which ones need to be tweaked.


Take Away

Our thorough collection of B2B marketing tools comes to a close. These tools can assist you in completing a wide range of marketing tasks rapidly, from creating content to performing research to connecting with your team.