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Live Life is An App to enhance quality of life through Various Meditations Techniques And Motivation Plans.This also provide tools like meditation music, timer and other support material.It is a marketplace platform where Coaches can sell courses and users One can find many tutorials, courses, and free content for motivation and guidance purposes.

Project Challanges

Business Challenge

  • To create an app which provide users with a rich communication experience.
  • Easy and intuitive UI for first-time users
  • Database Management to handle large data operations
  • Data security – make sure the data stored is safe at all cost
  • Data integrity – to maintain the integrity of user data
  • Complete controls for admin to manage the platform
  • Best technology to boost the system performance
  • To allow users to engage with other users in daily reflection and applied practices and motivate them.
  • To have a system to save users information.
  • To develop a smart requirement matching algorithm to find best match as per user requirement

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Functionality Challenges

  • User Profile creation and management must be easy.
  • Proper management panel for different user roles
  • Building a consistent information architecture that’s scalable enough to allow future integrations
  • To have a system where all users can easily fill up their necessary information.
  • To allow users to check their applications status
  • To allow users to see different financial options
  • To allow users to apply for different loans and credit schemes
  • To allow user to manage and setup its profile and details.
  • Allow admin to manage everything in single place
  • Easy and user friendly panel design for better experience.
  • Data security between different groups
    Admin can go through the reports and statistics of users.

Our approach

We used design thinking approach and tried to find the balance between user needs and technological capabilities to achieve best results. Based on project requirements and data security needs, we found that a mobile-based hybrid application system with centralized database management is best suited.

  • Discovery and strategy
  • Pain point analysis
  • Extraction of key features and modeling of the system architecture
  • Technology selection
  • Architecting
  • Database design
  • User interface design
  • Backend development
  • User interface & Frontend development
  • Quality analysis

Discovery and Strategy


Pain Points Analysis


Extraction of Key Features & Modeling of the System Architecture


Technology Selection




Database Design


User Interface Design


Back-End Development


User interface & Frontend Development


Quality Analysis


Result solution

  • We made a web application that is accessible to admin management
  • We made mobile applications as well for quick access and ease of use for users

Developed administrative panel for complete authority over the management of application

  • Dashboard with quick features access
  • Coaches management options
  • Different data models management
  • Accounting
  • Content management over the platform
  • Reports like
    • total earning
    • Course statistics
    • Various users statistics
  • Analytics and other setups

Developing Coach panel

  • Course Management
  • User Management
  • Earning and payouts management

 Users App

  • Signup and access options setup
  • Plan browsing
  • Buying options
  • Bro
  • Searching for plans and coaches based on interest
  • Easy plan buying option

Developed User App

  • User are able to see the timeline on the landing page where all the latest posts are shown
  • Users can easily fill up their necessary information.
  • Users can check their applications status
  • Users can see different financial options
  • Users can apply for different loans and credit schemes
  • User can manage and setup its profile and details.


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Global Leaders Trust Us as their IT Services Company From startups to large-scale enterprises, we have helped our clients generate more sales with sustainable software solutions. As an eminent offshore software development company, clients across the globe trust us with their software development projects.The tech that helped me resolve my issue was awesome, friendly and worked hard to fix the problem. She reached out via Teams again the next day to make sure things were still working properly. Couldn’t ask for anyone better!

Jacob Kohn


BANDHU Tech Inc.


This is to acknowledge the commendable work done by Symentix Technologies Private Limited, in delivering the Airful Dashboard app, within a shorts span of time andbeing super productive on the Engineering front, while writing pretty good code. Our team was a bit short staffed on the front end technologies of React and TypeScript. We also needed help on the backend with creating APIs. Dashrath and his team at SYmentix came in at a clutch time and helped us build a good MVP.

Avishek Kedia

Avishek Kedia

Airful Consulting

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