About Service

Athlete Talk is a mental health and wellness app for sportspersons. It allows image-based daily posts, multi-day mental health plans, and videos to engage athletes from various universities in USA.

Project Challanges

Business Challenge

  • To allow private groups based on different universities.
  • To allow universities to manage their staff and students for better control.
  • To have system in place where multiple universities and schools can be onboarded.
  • To have a system where high-level coaches can add content common to all universities.
  • To Create an App which provide athletes with a rich experience of image-based daily posts, multi- day plans, and videos to engage daily.
  • Easy and intuitive UI for first-time users
  • Database Management to handle large data operations
  • Data security – make sure the data stored is safe
  • Complete controls for admin to manage the platform

Functionality Challenges

  • User Profile creation and management must be easy.
  • Proper management panel for different user roles like Admin, Coaches and Users
  • Allow super admin to manage everything in a single place
  • Allow moderator admins to manage their university specific content and users.
  • Easy and user friendly panel design for admin, moderators and students
  • Data abstraction between different private schools and universities
  • Data security between different groups

Our Approach

We used design thinking approach and tried to find the balance between user needs and technological capabilities to achieve best results. Based on project requirements and data absctraction needs, we found that a web and mobile based hybrid application system with centralized database management is best suited.


  1. Discovery and strategy
  2. Pain point analysis
  3. Extraction of key features and modeling of the system architecture
  4. Technology selection
  5. Architecting
  6. Database design
  7. User interface design
  8. Backend development
  9. User interface & Frontend development
  10. Quality analysis

Result Solution

  • We made a web application that is accessible to admin management
  • We made PWA for quick access and ease of use for users

Developing administrative panel for complete authority over the management of application

  • Dashboard with quick features access
  • Super admin can manage details about various institutes registered on the application.
  • Staff management options
  • Different data models management
  • Content management over the platform
  • Reports like
    • total users
    • Schools statistics
    • Various users statistics
  • Analytics and other setups

Developing  Moderator panel

  • Moderator admin can manage content.
  • Moderator admin can manage userbase I.E students of their university
  • Moderator admin can fix issue directly in case he finds some irrelevant content


Atheletes PWA

  • Signup and access options setup
  • Plan browsing and subscription
  • Searching for plans and coaches based on interest
  • Image-based daily posts
  • Multi-day plans and progress update
  • Applied exercises
  • Journal making
  • Profile management

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