The Ultimate E-Commerce app Essentials Checklist

Manmohan Vyas- November 20, 2020

When developing an e-commerce app for your company, there are a lot of things to consider. Everything might be intimidating, from planning and designing to choosing on process automation.

An e-commerce checklist can help with this. This is a listing of some of the most significant aspects to consider while developing an online platform. In this article, we’ll walk you through each of the necessary stages one by one.


Top E-Commerce Mobile app essentials

Market research

One of the most crucial elements is research, which helps you focus on the market categories and users you want to attract. It’s critical to undertake such research to better shape your brand’s image in their eyes. 

You may immediately focus on your consumers’ wants and habits by creating user personas, whether for User Experience or Marketing and ensure that your app reaches them and meets their needs.

Simple Login and signup

Simplify the registration procedure for your app by allowing consumers to register with their email address, other credentials such as Facebook or Google, or a unique passcode. 

Easier access leads to a higher conversion rate and volume of purchases.

Provide high-resolution images

For product sites, having high-resolution photos goes a long way. It assists customers in evaluating the product and making decisions. Not only that, but it also gives your online store more legitimacy and makes the product page more appealing.

Start with a white background for the shooting to get a stunning product shot. This is done to reduce distractions and draw attention to the product in the photo.

Use Blogs and Media Pages

Additional content distinguishes you from your competitors and demonstrates to search engines that you are more than just an e-commerce site selling products. To reinforce your brand, incorporate the following components on entirely different pages.

  • Pages with educational content
  • Tutorials
  • Product spotlights and reviews
  • Events held by the company
  • A page of current events and news.
  • Options for sharing your blog entries on social media

Set up email notifications

Email is the best way to stay in touch with customers, provide customer service, encourage upsells and repeat sales, and keep your company front of mind. Set up some simple emails with email marketing software, such as:

  • Emails of welcome
  • Confirmations of orders
  • Receipts
  • Updates on shipping,etc.

 Mention a privacy statement

Your privacy policy is another important legal document to have on your website. This policy helps you build confidence with your users while also safeguarding you legally. Some third parties will not work with you unless you have a privacy policy in place. Make sure this material is easily accessible on your website. 

 Include a customer testimonial

Reviews give social proof, increase customer trust, and make purchasing decisions easier. Creating a review page also aids in the development of consumer relationships. It demonstrates that your online store prioritizes customers and values their input.

Loading time

In a world that is continuously changing, speed has become the definition of life. Slow-loading apps might be a disaster for firms with high ambitions. Ensure that all app content is streamlined to meet the requirements of the underlying device environment and that it does not take more than 3 seconds for users to see it.

Technically, native apps created for a specific platform give a lightning-fast performance for all capabilities and components.

Push Notifications  

This is the most efficient and straightforward technique to entice customers back to your store. Certain promotions of new arrivals or discounts  held in the cart can be made with the help of push notifications.

This message has the potential to excite users, prompting them to take quick action. This feature can be combined with analytics to enhance sales immediately. Users respond to this notification system more than emails or text messages.

App Content that is both relevant and authoritative

Users dislike excessively aggressive content; thus, the app’s content should be more concise.

In a sense, it is possible to conclude that less is more. Users’ trust can be acquired by keeping content simple while overloading them with extensive information might lead to trust concerns.


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