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Dashrath Singh- December 21, 2021

Working from home is driving the majority of video conferencing sales these days, and there are a variety of components and services to consider. These can include the proprietary end-to-end systems you’ve probably seen in intelligent conference rooms. Still, we’re focused on cloud services that merely require an account and a webcam for our review roundup because they’re the most relevant to remote work.

We have combined a list of the best conferencing software platforms, all of which can deliver high-definition video and full-featured collaboration capabilities. While many of these video conferencing solutions also include live streaming and webinars, we’ll focus on virtual meetings in this article.


The List Of Video Conferencing Software


Skype software allows you to communicate with people worldwide. Millions of companies and individuals use Skype to make one-to-one video and voice calls, community calls, send instant messages, and exchange files. The meeting software you’ll need for a virtual meeting – on – is likely to be much different from that required for a meeting of up to 15 people. You may make group chats with Skype, which allows you to have free and small virtual conferences.

Your staff can hold virtual meetings, collaborate on projects, interact via real-time messaging, and hold real-time meetings with the correct technology.



FreeConference is a free service that provides robust video conference sessions. This service has more business-oriented features than the others, such as audio participant dial-in numbers.

FreeConference allows you to arrange meetings and send out reminders automatically, but you can start meetings immediately if you don’t require advance notice. Screen sharing is available during calls and moderator settings for conveniently muting obnoxious callers. The mobile calling apps can help you keep track of your meetings.

The free plan has a limit of 1,000 audio callers (with free international dial-in) and five online meeting participants. You will need to subscribe to a paid plan to increase those numbers and add services like call recording, but you shouldn’t need them for personal use.



One of the platforms that have become well-known is Zoom. It provides free and paid choices and premium programs for businesses of all sizes, from tiny firms to major corporations. It has a lot of scalabilities and is very user-friendly, which is why it’s so popular.

Zoom works on any device, including your smartphone and your business computer. The audio and video quality is consistently good. A chat window, reaction emoticons, and optional meeting recording are many user-friendly features.

Customer service demonstrates the company’s user-centric approach. Free and paid users, with or without a sign-in, have access to a vast help library. Zoom also provides live training webinars, and a prioritized support ticket system affecting service disruption is given top priority.



Slack is a top-rated video call conferencing program used by businesses worldwide; it, like the software, has built-in video conferencing capabilities. If your firm isn’t already using Slack, using it for video conferencing isn’t a good idea. If we’re already using Slack, it could be a simple way to make quick calls.

Video conferencing is an add-on to capabilities that could be a great way to bring hybrid teams together. Slack’s free membership of rains includes one-on-one video chatting, and you can slack up to 10-15 people to start a call from a channel. Customized program price is required for more critical meetings, requiring a bespoke quote.


Google Meet

The software for conference calls For business clients, Google Meeting was built. It’s a team-focused version of Google Hangouts and one of the best group video conferencing apps available. With features comparable to zoom calendar syncing, conference room booking, and a more polished user experience, Google Meet is built explicitly for organizing video meetings among team members.

All advantages Unlimited meetings up to 300 hours in length, 250 attendees, the capacity to stream to a hundred thousand viewers, and 24/7 online support are all requirements for Google Meets. For our quote, we may need to contact the g-suite sales team.



In terms of security, TeamViewer can compete with Cisco. According to TeamViewer’s main page, 1.3 billion protected devices use remote help and participate in online meetings. Support and solutions are emphasized on the platform. One of TeamViewer’s capabilities is the ability to operate multiple small sessions in browser tabs on Mac operating systems simultaneously. The sticky note tool is another useful feature. Users can leave messages for customers to alert them of any developments or to say hello.

TeamViewer provides several valuable add-ons, such as TeamViewer QuickJoin. Customers can join meetings and presentations quickly and easily with TeamViewer QuickJoin. You don’t need administrator privileges or go through an installation process to use the functionality. Mac, Linux, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, and iOS support it. TeamViewer supports most devices.

Video and audio conferencing are also available. The text-based conversation is also available. Remote QuickSteps is one of the better features, even though it is behind a paywall. Remote QuickSteps allows users to do remote assistance operations with a single click. When you upgrade to the subscription plan, you’ll see that TeamViewer provides excellent support and IT support.


Twilio API

Twilio’s communications platform is powered by APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Behind the APIs is a software layer that connects and optimizes global communications networks, allowing your users to phone and message anyone on the globe.

Twilio provides a set of channel APIs, which are essential communication tools for reaching out to your consumers. Their Programmable Messaging API allows you to send messages to your consumers, and their Conversations API will enable you to have two-way SMS conversations with your customers.

Twilio provides code samples in languages including C#, Java, Node, and Python for SMS functions like notifications, service alerts, reminders, and marketing messages. There are also shortcodes for sending mass messages and gathering phone numbers.

Twilio also provides Programmable Voice APIs, which allow you to make, receive, and track phone calls coming in and out of your business. Similar functions can also be integrated using your company’s email and fax services.

Twilio offers volume discounts on all of its APIs. Larger firms and enterprises that send thousands of text messages to extensive networks and databases may find this particularly appealing.


Which Is The Best Video Conferencing Software For You?

There’s a video conferencing option for you no matter what you do, whether it’s education, eCommerce, or something else. You have to do now is analyze your company’s requirements.

Consider whether you only require the occasional group conversation. Then a basic tool will suffice. Instant chatting, cloud storage, and other add-ons are also options. In that instance, a more premium option is required.

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