10 Typography rules every designer should know

Dashrath Singh- December 27, 2019
Typography is one of the most important aspect of website design.No matter how good our color choices are, we need proper typography to compliment our content. Here are 10 rules that you must follow
  1. Maintain Visual Hierarchy
Establish the order in which the audience receives the information from the design. Typography hierarchy is a way to stress on certain lines that are most important.
  1. Limit your fonts
Limit your fonts to just two to three typefaces. For simpler layouts you can use single typeface with different weights too. One typeface for Heading, subheading and other for content looks good.
  1. Prioritize readability
The content is focused for audience so make sure they can read message clearly with ease.
  1. Smart use of white space :
White space around content should be consistent and stable. The white space gives content space to breathe and let audience focus properly on part of your composition
  1. Avoid stretching or compressing font and space
Good fonts are created with great detail in shape, measurement and space around it. So if you have chosen the right font, don’t stretch it and take away its efficiency.
  1. Use correct grammar
The correct grammar displays the keep attention to details hence it takes design to a next level of professionalism. It is a potent tool that elevates your design for sure.
  1. Finding right tools :
Different design tools are designed for different kind of work. So find right tool for your work needs. The right tool will help you create professional output.
  1. Choose font based on type of audience
Different typefaces are used for different type of audience. You selection should connect with the target audience.
  1. Choose right font pairing
Certain typefaces are good for Heading while others are good for long content. Great design should make the right combination of both for best results.
  1. Choose right contrast
Right typeface color and contrasting background color are essential for good readability. You need to study color theory and pinpoint the right colors for your design. Choose your color palate wisely.

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